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Make the money You want. Make the difference You want. Do what You want.

There’s a sleeping giant inside you, right now, waiting to be unleashed.
Even if you’ve been struggling, and wondering why you’re not getting the response you want in your business.
Even if you have tried different ideas, tactics or approaches and still come up empty.


You need to know:


  • There is an amazing message inside you. It can ignite interest from your ideal clients, and give you the authority that positions you as a leader.


  • There are powerful, profitable products and programs, that can create a wave of clients, sales and massive revenue.


  • And there is an amazing freedom that awaits you, when you’re able to put all this together.

And now … for the first time ever, there’s a 3-day event to help you WAKE UP and unleash the impact of your brilliance. So you can create this amazing impact for your clients. And change your life – forever.



Waking The Giants – The LIVE Event

An all-new, life-changing experience that can take you from struggling and uncertain, to a clear path to giant success in three life-changing days.

“Before working with Moira, I had almost no money coming in with no idea how to find potential clients, let alone how to talk to them. The words ‘sales’ and ‘finances’ made me squirm. Now I realise that if I speak from the heart, with honesty and integrity, that I have the capacity to really help people with their business and that’s how my business grows. I’m making more bookings, more connections and way more progress that ever before. My business feels legitimate now. I know this is only the beginning”.
Eadaoin Curtin

Firechild Photography, Dublin

From working with and speaking to thousands of entrepreneurs,  I know that you struggle with the fact that sales feels pushy and aggressive so you avoid it. I know that you pretend that money is not your motivator but you also wish for an amazing life of freedom and impact. I know that you end up using the latest tactical tricks to get people to work with you and it feels awful.  

I also know that you rarely win this way. You can’t because it’s the wrong way. I know that you’re barely paying the bills and I that you don’t want to go through another year struggling with just not being able to figure it all out!

I have created this LIVE event because I believe that small business owners and entrepreneurs like you are sleeping giants of Ireland – And I want you to WAKE UP to the giant of your entrepreneurial power so that:


  • You stop running your business as a hobby and you start running your business to make money and make a difference
  • You stop robbing from yourself to help others and understand that you can live your dream while helping others to live theirs
  • You build profit acceleration into your business so instead of driving yourself mad just to get by – you build a business that actually builds a future.
“I tripled my revenue within the last 6 months - In less than 6 months I have fewer clients paying me more, so I can spend more time with them. I’m now clear on my message which gives me confidence in telling others about what I do. This business is no longer a dream but a reality because I’ve tripled my revenue. I now know that I can earn a living and start paying myself and I know how to track results so I know what works for me and what doesn’t.”
Audrey Dalton

Pawtrait Ireland - Co. Wicklow

In a little under twelve months I went from struggling and searching to six-figures. Less than 12 months after that I hit multiple six-figures. If I didn’t set the intention and get clear on the path of how I was going to get this far, my success would. not. have. happened.


And make no mistake … this kind of success is possible for you!


This event gives you the proven tools and avenues to make 2018 your breakthrough year.

And while tickets to this three-day live event is will eventually sell for €497, for a limited time, I am offering you the opportunity to reserve your seat for this breakthrough event for just €197!

Understand: This amazing EARLY-BIRD rate will disappear soon.

So why not take action now?

  • When I made the decision that my future would not be like my past
  • When I set my intention to be successful
  • And when I began to surround myself with the people, resources, and events that supported that decision …

EVERYTHING changed!  This is what I want for YOU in 2018!

So do it now! Reserve your seat for Waking the Giants – The LIVE Event! I can’t wait to see how much different your business (and your life!) will look after this life-changing experience!

1ST, 2ND, 3RD MARCH 2018

“3 new high paying clients within 6 weeks - Moira helped me get crystal clear on what I needed to do, we created a plan, and I literally secured 3 new high paying clients on 3 month contracts within the first 6 weeks of working together. That gave me the confidence to finally leave my job and really go for it on my own. None of this was possible before. I now have no choice now but to succeed and I’m driven to put the financial fears behind me once and for all.”
Patrick Keeney

Green Golf Travel - Co. Donegal