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It’s 29 degrees during the day and 24 degrees in the evening over here in Bali. It’s not too shabby and I have a big beautiful villa here all to myself to work from. I am feeling blessed. My business and the business model I have allows me to have this kind of lifestyle. I’m sure you want to know how to achieve this kind of lifestyle, right?

I would never have gotten here if I didn’t focus on sales almost predominantly. Actually, ‘Focus’ is my word for 2021.

Not every entrepreneur’s happy place but sales make all entrepreneurs happy, right? I know you know what I mean.

And if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you leave the big sales drive to the last week of the month when you realize you haven’t been as focused as you had planned to be. I get it. I’ve been there. 

  • Waiting on that one sale to close who have promised they’re coming back to you but don’t.
  • You close the sale and they email saying they can’t go ahead after all.
  • Or you’ve been waiting for a big event, like a speaking gig and then you show up and there are only 20 people when you were promised 100.

Can you relate?

If you said yes, I want to help you to turn this around in just a few days. I have a list of ways you can close at least 3 clients before the end of this month. And then you can keep this list and use it every month to make sure you always have enough leads to turn into clients in your business month after month.

Does that sound good?

So, with that in mind, I just created 12 ways and there are more than 12 you can use to turn leads to clients. However, this is more than enough to get the cash flowing fast.

Check out my 12 ways you can enroll three or more new clients before the end of the month. They are the same strategies and tactics that I and my clients have used to create lots of new enrolments every month. And you can too.

1.Spend an hour reconnecting

 Spend at least one hour in the morning and another hour in the evening on the phone re-connecting and asking for consultations aka discovery sessions, breakthrough sessions, sales conversations. You can break this up into 4 x 30 min slots, whatever you need to make it work. You should be doing this every day anyway. If you’re not, you won’t make your numbers.

2. Create a follow-up list. 

The list should include everyone you’ve ever had a consultation with in the last 6 months and follow up. Ask them how they’re doing with the intention to set up a call if there’s anything they need help with. Be specific. Recall a goal they said they had when you last spoke and start from there.

3. Follow up with potential leads who said no

Go back to those who did say no to you in the last 6 months and offer them a down-sell. For example, a one-off deep dive session and or a 30-day trial that they pay one month to see if it’s for them or not.

4. Create a special offer

Create this special offer for your current clients’, a VIP day or half-day for example. This would be an upsell.

5. Ask for referrals

Ask for a referral from your current clients who are getting results and are really happy with the work – an email or intro or a number you can call.

6. Speak in BNI Type meetings

Find a BNI type virtual networking meeting where you can get a minute or two to speak and offer some comp sessions, have the calls before the end of the month if possible. If you’re not clear on your message this might not work. But when you are clear, this really works!

7. Attend virtual meetings

Go to a virtual networking event and work the room – aim to leave with at least three calls on your calendar before Friday. Be curious about what people are about and what they’re struggling with or needing more of. Be a resource.

8. Talk to undecided clients

Take a stand with those potential clients who are not making a decision. Call them and ask them for a decision, either way, say that leaving things hanging like this doesn’t work, it is the reason why many business owners go out of business, a decision that is either Yes or No is a win either way.

9. Do a 60-second video

Create a video that speaks directly to the problem your clients have – *in their language* – and have people PM you if they have this problem. Exchange a couple of messages then invite them to a call.

10. Call someone you have access to that you really admire

Start a conversation with them, tell them how you are really going for it in your business and you want everyone to know. Ask them if they know of anyone who might need your help that you’re offering 30-minute sessions.

11. Post daily to Facebook/IG

 Start a live series that speaks directly to the problems you have been hearing prospects have in your sales conversations. And move people to a call via private messaging. Ask a few questions first then suggest you jump on a call to talk more if you believe you can help them.

12. Start a 3-sequence email

And last but not least, if you have a mailing list, you can do three sequence email with an offer. I had a 6 figure business with a 3 figure list, so even small lists can produce amazing results.

And please remember, ‘yes but’ is an objection, it does not mean no, it means let’s talk more to find a place where you can say yes from. It’s an opportunity to dive deeper and hold the space for them to make the decision that’s right for them.

You can make this the biggest four days your business has ever experienced – if you want to. My advice is to choose 3-4 and really work them and save this list for your go-to sales strategies. Always.

I hope this is of value to you.

And if you want more, because sales is something you really struggle with and you know that you need to get over that this year if you want to reach your revenue goals. Then for you, I’d be happy to invite you to a friendly connection call to look at where you are, where you want to be, and what is getting in the way of you enrolling all the clients you want.

So if that sounds like something that would serve you, then drop an email to help@mng.ie and say “I’m up for it” and my assistant will get you on my calendar.

Lots of love from Bali.


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