Céad Míle Fáilte & Welcome

I believe that by visiting my website you have affirmed your commitment to creating your best business. Well done for that.

To begin, let me tell you about where I am coming from. Just a few years ago, I literally walked out of my life in London. I had a great 9-5 job, plenty of friends and a very active social life. I turned my back on it all and listened to my heart which was begging me to return home to Ireland – in the middle of a deep recession. 

I took a deep breath and set out to fulfil my dream of freedom by starting my own business. And in spite of having never owned a business before, I built a fantastic travel & tourism business that has now hosted over 1000 visitors right here in this magical northwest corner of Ireland. 

But that is only the beginning of the story. Creating this business, networked me to the heart of my community to work with countless local businesses. I understood the deep need that real people, just like you and me, had for clear direction and a helping hand.

This experience was the foundation upon which I built my powerful business  – from the ground up.

My dreams are now my reality – I have evolved from earning zero to earning over 40k a month – in less than 3 years in business. And even better, today I help other entrepreneurs and small business owners to fulfil their dreams and create their own profoundly profitable business.

For many people this can look like a dream, but when you put your heart and soul into what you want – dreams come true. You make a difference, you move people and when you do all that, you make a profit. That is why we get into business, it’s not about the money, it really is about what that money can help you do.

I have several ways you can get started now, drop me a line!