‘Always have faith’

How was your summer?

Mine was the best, most unplanned, adventure. And that’s what I want to talk about today.

For now, I’ll just say that my plans for this summer changed substantially, for reasons beyond my control. And it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened.

Do you know that film, “Sliding Doors”? It’s a tale of two stories – one that shows what happens to a woman when she gets on the London Underground train that she hoped to catch, and another when she misses that same train. That one moment leads to two very different outcomes.

Well, this summer I was that woman. And I see now that by “missing that train”, so to speak, I opened myself to opportunities I could not have imagined.

So what did I do instead?

Well, I regrouped with my family and my friends. Had lots of work done on my house.. 

And then I created a special event that I held in Dublin called The More Clients, Worldwide Event. It drew spirited and ambitious entrepreneurs and business people who wanted to learn how they could create a six-figure, globetrotting business and lifestyle from speaking. 

I shared my own roadmap of how I took my business from 2K months to 40k months in less than three years. Which people loved! 

That event showed me how much people need to hear about what I’ve been able to do from getting out there as a speaker. 

And not from having lots of credentials and degrees, but from having a roadmap, and faith that I could do it, and that my message would move people, and help them get closer to what they want. 

Tom Connelly of Connelly and Associates in Cork said the Dublin event got him focused on how to explain his offering to customers in terms they will understand. 

He said: “We all kind of know what we should be doing to sell our wares – this workshop galvanizes you into action!”

Suparna Malhotra, a career progression coach in London, called my Dublin event “wonderful and useful”. 

Because of the Dublin response, I will be doing that again later this month, in a day-long More Worldwide Clients event on September 25th in central London. 

So if you want to know how you can do this too…

Follow the link to book your place. And lets get you achieving new heights through from speaking, it is a key tool for any entrepreneur who wants more clients.

Right now I’m looking ahead to a busy autumn. Before my London event I will speak at the Fearless Women’s Summit in Birmingham, and take part in an event in London with social entrepreneur Roger Hamilton. 

Later, I will be in Australia for the month of October and will return in November for events in Phoenix, Arizona; Atlanta, Georgia; and Paris.

All these new opportunities presented themselves because “I missed that train”. And what looked like the worst moment for me, turned into better than the best. 

I could have let it get to me, but instead I stopped to see the gift in it. I kept the faith that things would work out. They always do. And we just don’t know what door is about to open when one closes.

When things don’t go as planned, and life stops you dead in your tracks, you just need to have faith that it’s her way of making space for something bigger and better. 

This is what I hope you all will take from this: 

Always have faith. Even if you’re being told no, or you’re being pulled in a different direction than you may have planned, have faith that the path is being laid out before you is going to bring you everything and more. 

And if you want to use speaking and make that path a globetrotting adventure of impact, money and fun, then come to my More Clients Worldwide event in London later this month and learn how I’ve been able to go from 2k months to 40k months in less than 3 years. And how you can too! 

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