BELIEVE you can have everything you dream of


I was at an event in Orlando 3 years ago, when I started out on this coaching journey. I met Megha Bradley- she was sitting across from me at the table and we just instantly connected, we couldn’t stop talking and I loved being in her company.

There were some business awards at the event, and this new-found friend of mine won – It was BRILLIANT! I watched as she went up to that stage to accept the award which as celebrating how she had persisted to build her business and never lost track even though her life was literally nearly taken from her in a horrific car accident!

I was already inspired by her but when I heard her story, I was hooked!

So… cut to 2018 and I am planning Waking The Giants – The Live Event. Obviously, I am hell-bent on creating the best experience you can possibly have as an attendee so Megha Bradley was top of my wish-list as a guest speaker. I only want the best and this wildly inspiring speaker..? Well if she blew my mind in Orlando three years ago, I knew I had to introduce her to Ireland.

“Don’t fall for the illusion that you have time. Our biggest mistake is trying to weigh our obligations against our inspirations. Step into the direction you are called and remember that there are no promises of a safe future or the perfect moment to truly LIVE your life” – Megha Bradley

She has never been to Ireland but has dreamed of it forever. Megha manifested this trip and just at the right time too. I genuinely can’t wait to show her the magic that is Donegal and of course Cavan where my event is taking place and where one of Megha’s future events will be.

It’s just mad what’s happening to me and my business these days – mad or aligned or meant to be. It don’t know the answer but I believe that it is all part of the vision – a bigger plan. I think about Mehga and I am blown away by the power of friendships and connections in my life.

This astounding ripple effect that takes place when you align yourself with the people who light you up, who support and inspire you. When I started out, my focus was on tourism, and aiming to bring visitors to my local area for heart-led adventures.  Over 1000 people took part in my Rock agus Roam experiences. Then I decided I wanted to bring American tourists to this part of Donegal, so I went to America to find them – as one would right?

It was about then that my business changed direction. I began to build a coaching practise that saw me shift from being more than 10K in debt to then making 10K per month and finishing 2017 on 250K.

I don’t say that to show off, I want to demonstrate that you can have everything that you dream of – FAST – when you believe it and you work hard.

And now, with the sweetest synchronicity, it is all coming back around. You see, almost 40% of my clients are currently from the States, mostly coaches and many – if not all of them – dream of not just visiting Ireland, but of running their own business retreats here as well.

Messages are coming in from people I’ve met at events, wanting to know if they can bring groups here. And if I can help them..!?

So you see, everything I started out to achieve is coming back around, in full force.

Rumi said ““Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”

I am SO grateful that I picked this path and I went for it with everything I had. My event Waking The Giants – The Live Event which is happening at the 4 star Farnham Estate just sold out last night.  Luckily we are able to add just 10 more seats! So if you would like to join me, Megha and over 60 incredible business owners and entrepreneurs then don’t delay – check out all the info on www.moira.ie/events


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