Did I have the COVID-19

Back at the start of the year, before everything changed, I had already decided I was going to focus on health and wealth this year.

I was inspired by an encounter I had with an Ayurvedic practitioner in London. 

I was at the European Entrepreneur Summit when I had the opportunity for a very well-priced professional consultation with Jo, an experienced and skilled Ayurvedic practitioner.

What she said surprised me

“You’re running on adrenaline and possibly on the way to burnout,” she told me.

Me? That’s not possible. I’m so high energy and I’m always on fire.

But then I stopped and thought about it for a minute. I had felt drained and a little weak for a while, and I had been brushing away some niggling health issues. I wasn’t completely happy with how I looked, either. 

But I had gotten so used to ignoring all these things – I just put it down to being busy, and maybe needing a change of scene.

Jo told me all these complaints could be reversed with no medication and I could feel super healthy, energetic and high performing in no time, with glowing skin to boot.

How could I say no? I said yes.

And that led me to a 28-day Ayurvedic detox programme that I started when I was in Bali early this year.

I’ll be serious with you: It was a big change for me. It meant no bread, no butter, no chocolate, no G&Ts, no meat, no pasta. It meant basically saying no to lots of the things I ate and enjoyed all the time!

But as I found out, that stuff was making me feel like crap.

In that first week, I cut out all the foods the doctor told me to stop eating. And I stuck to the meal plan as best I could. It wasn’t easy.

Still, within the first week, my skin was already clearing. I know this because my friend said to me: “I can’t see the bags that were under your eyes so much.”

I could also feel my body growing stronger, and I had more energy.

When the second week started, I was feeling like, “Wow, this is working.” I’d stopped feeling groggy, I was happier, brighter. I was sleeping better. I felt clean.

By the end of the third week I caught a glimpse of my body in the bathroom mirror. What is that? Did I just see abs? ABS?

I had abs and I hadn’t even done sit-ups.

Before detox
week 3 of detox

My body shape was changing. All the bloating was going. I knew I was losing weight – I wasn’t able to find a scale to weigh myself, but I could feel it.

My face was no longer puffy and my skin was more clear. I didn’t feel like I needed makeup – this was a big one for me. And it was still the third week.

I felt so strong. And I realised that I had been so used to looking at the bags under my eyes I had stopped seeing them. I had been so used to not feeling good after eating that I didn’t notice it anymore.

By the end of the 28 days I had no dark circles, no bloating in my belly, no burping. My body shape had changed – my skinny jeans never felt better. And I wanted to show off my abs.

My mind was clear and I had more energy. I felt really healthy for the first time in a long time.

And you know what, I was lucky I did this detox when I did because on the few days of it, I got a weird chest infection. I had a dry cough, it was painful to breathe – unusual feelings for me.

At first I thought it was from a speaking gig I had just done. I had no microphone, and I thought I might have strained my throat. But it kept getting worse.

Because I never get sick, I just ignored it – I brushed it aside, as we all often do. I just rested and thought, well, it will pass.

It lingered for about 10 days or so. About midway through it was very sore to breathe, and I found myself with terrible shivers. Shivers in tropical Bali! That’s unheard of.

I recovered fully.

I thought at the time that I had an unusually bad chest infection. In these weeks since, I admit that I have wondered whether I had the COVID-19. But I have not been able to get tested to see if that was the case. It will be good to know, either way.

My point is, because I spent 28 days filling my body only with food that was right for it, I felt like I could take on anything.

I want more people to know that good health doesn’t have to mean taking medication or losing out. I found real enjoyment in the foods that I was able to take while on the Ayurvedic detox and that programme has become something of a way of life for me now.

Bottom line, it can take as little as 28 days of all the right foods to get really healthy.

I actually did regular videos during the detox that I have on my Facebook business page, to keep me accountable for sticking with the detox. You can see my progress there.

If you have been following me on Facebook, you’ll see that I have also been doing a number of interviews with experts and thought leaders on business and how they see what’s happening right now impacting business now and in the future. They’re awesome. Tune in and if you want to collaborate with me. Email me at Moira@mng.ie

And on the 28th April, I’ll be joined by Jo Formosa, the Ayurveda doctor who has changed my life and my body. 

Remember if you want to collaborate with me on my Facebook Live series, especially if you’re a business owner and you want to share your perspective or your experience, please email me. 

It’s fun! I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Moira@mng.ie

Take care of yourself, and we’ll talk soon.

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