Does your money have a purpose?

Did you miss the event I hosted last week? If you did, I’m super excited to share everything we discussed with you. The event is called Secret Suppers Worldwide™ and it is my new project! I held the first-ever Secret Suppers Worldwide™ event in Paris last year, with an incredible group of women, followed by another amazing supper on the Indonesian island of Bali. What better place right? 

However, the current global situation we are facing changed everything in an instant. You are aware of the current situation, right? We no longer have the freedom to do everything we enjoyed previously. It stopped me in my tracks and made me think, “well, what now?”. 

That was when I needed a new plan and launched Secret Suppers Virtually. A decision that has been incredibly effective, enabling us to run these invite only events more frequently and achieve better results!

Twice a month we get together via Zoom for networking, community building, collaboration and inspired conversation. This is the new norm and it’s way more fun and connective than a lot of the virtual events on offer right now!

One of the topics we spoke about most recently was money and the purpose of the money we make through our business. 

So I ask you; Does the money you’re making right now have a clear purpose

Is it sitting in your business bank account not doing anything? Is there a lack of it in your business and therefore in your life too? Either way, the answer is the same. 

When you don’t have a clear objective for your money, it gets harder to generate more of it! 

For Does your money have a purpose?

When I was starting my business, I was clear on what I wanted. I wanted to make money that would allow me to do everything I love; travel the world in business class, stay in beautiful hotels, drive my dream car and own more fabulous shoes than Imelda Marcos! 

As you can see, I had a clear purpose for my money. The best part is that I had everything I envisioned and more. That’s how I have been living for the past three years. I had clear goals for my money. 

But the restrictive world we now live in changed all that and forced me to rethink my fundamental financial goals. What was I really making money for? I was motivated to make a change; one that would have a lasting global effect.

Through the business for good movement (B1G1), 10% of the revenue generated at every single one of my secret supper events is given to less fortunate women in developing countries to help them with micro loans to start their OWN businesses. Businesses such as accounting, tailoring and farming. How amazing is that? 

The 10% also goes towards training and skill development, support for human trafficking and gender violence survivors, and teaching orphans independent life skills. Teaching them how to feel empowered and giving them a fighting chance of a better life.

The movement is focused on business giving and is on a mission to create a universe full of contributing and distributing wealth. 

The Secret Suppers

Isn’t that just incredible? Being part of the Business for Good movement has given my work with Secret Suppers Worldwide™ more depth and exceptional meaning, showing me the different ways in which I can make an impact on other people’s lives using the money that my business generates. 

So when a group of savvy entrepreneurs come together at one of these suppers to have deep conversations and have real connections, it’s clear they can be catalysts for change in the world and the ripple of impact is truly global!

So if you own a business and you are not making the kind of money you want, do you think it could be due to not defining your purpose clearly enough? Does the purpose inspire and drive you to achieve more? If the answer is no, then a change is required; because you must be absolutely inspired and driven to make it rain! 

What’s the purpose for the money you’re making or want to make in your business? 

Hit the comment button below and let’s get the conversation going. I’d love to chat!

P.S If you would love to be a guest at any of the upcoming Secret Suppers Worldwide™events, please spare a few minutes to apply. It’s your opportunity to join the catalyst for change network and the invite is complimentary for now! 

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