Doing one thing very, very well

Imagine if you could focus on perfecting just one skill that would help you build your business in ways you hadn’t thought possible, and live the lifestyle of your dreams. 

Now is the time of year we start thinking about our new year resolutions – that’s not a bad one, right?

I recently spoke to two of my amazing clients who have done just that, Tracy Geraghty and Sarah Dineen. In an interview streamed on Facebook, I talked to Tracy and Sarah about how their businesses have grown since they began working focusing on one strategy to get more clients. 

Tracy helps business professionals and entrepreneurs overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. She had already started doing some speaking – she knew speaking was a powerful tool to connect with people – but she wasn’t signing clients.

“So I knew I was on to something, but I also knew that there was something missing,” Tracy said.

I met Tracy a few months ago, through a workshop I was running in Dublin – it popped up on her LinkedIn page, “and it was sort of like the universe had said, Here, this is what you need right now,” Tracy recalled.

Tracy said she found herself nodding in agreement throughout my Dublin workshop. 

“It was like all of the little pieces that were missing, but it was also a good affirmation for me that I was on the right track. I just wasn’t doing it right,” Tracy said. 

She realised she was doing too many things but they were not coming to fruition. Now she is way more structured and focused on one thing. 

“And rather than try to do lots of different things I am just focused on getting speaking gigs, following up, and enrolling clients,” she said. And because she has been enrolling more clients, her confidence has grown stronger.

In just eight weeks she enrolled four new clients. If Tracy did nothing but maintain that level over a year it would mean 30 new clients from that focus alone.

This is what I love about speaking. 

Once you know what you’re doing, you can just do it over and over again. What you’re doing doesn’t change – your message doesn’t change. You change. You become more confident, you get more clients, and obviously your clients get an even better version of yourself. Everybody wins.

I met Sarah Dineen at a talk I delivered in Donegal. Based in Cork, Sarah helps entrepreneurs fill their events with ideal attendees. She started working with me in July.

“I became very clear on the service I was going to give, who are my target audience, and how to get them on board,” Sarah explained. And did she ever – first thing she did was run a workshop that generated 18,000 in revenue. And is now making 15 times more per month than when we met in July and its growing month after month.  

Imagine if you chose one strategy in 2020 – like speaking – and you really learned it honed it. 

Can you imagine the position you would be in within 90 days or less, instead of trying to master every strategy out there? It works. 

Visit my Facebook page for the full interviews with Tracey and Sarah.

If you want to know how you can start using speaking more as part of your business journey, get in touch with me by email on Moira@mng.ie and I’ll walk you through the same road map Tracy and Sarah use so you can make 2020 the year you finally got focused on doing one thing really well and enrolled all the clients you want. 

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