The beginning of 2017 was pretty wild with inspiration for me. You may remember that I hosted the second Gnó le Croí / Business With Heart event here in Teach Campbell, Gweedore?

Honestly, this was like a dream come true! Over 30 business owners from all over Ireland and the UK brought their entrepreneurial fears, bad-habits and insecurities into the room. We got real honest together, dug out the diamonds and built new habits and better strategies. We remembered why we had gotten into business in the first place and saw how possible it was to achieve our dreams.

Six months on and the ripple effect continues, just last week I got this brilliant testimonial from a vibrant Donegal business woman saying:

“Gnó le Croí had a such a massive impact on my life and business. I went from playing small in three figure deals, to dreaming so big I’ve blown my own mind with 4 figure deals. I’ve had the most amazing experiences of my life since the event, and I never would have had these opportunities if not for your inspiration to dream BIG. Thank you so much”  Findabhair Ni Fhaolain, Finns Fit Food.

Amazing, right?!!  Feedback like this shows me that I’m in the business of making dreams come true. And I can show you how to make your dreams come true – Fact.

I had a dream when I left my job in London 5 years ago. A  dream of a life where I could do what I want, when I want and how I want. But I didn’t have a plan or a path. I’ve got that now, but I’ve also lost the most precious person in my life. If I didn’t dare to make my dream come I would not have had the last 5 years with my mum here at home in Donegal, building a life that actually makes sense and has meaning.

I had gotten to a stage living in London where everything was draining me, my job, my life – everything. I wanted more. I wanted to be more, to do more, and to have a bigger impact. I was done with working 9-5pm for someone else and I was so tired of the rat race too. The truth from my heart is that I’ve never looked back from that decision – the best one of my life. When it came to starting a business, I didn’t have a clear plan, I didn’t have a logo or a website, I just wanted to make a difference.  I kept taking steps forward, learning from doing and failing forward. I would pick myself up and continue following my heart and working really hard, doing better and succeeding.

Now, I have a completely different life, and importantly, a business that gives me freedom, I work with clients from all over the world, I take trips all over the world, every month, I’m just back from New Orleans which was so good, I speak on stages in America and the UK (and of course Ireland!). I’ve done this by following what makes my heart sing and screams Yes at me! And I have worked hard to master that – day by day. And incredibly – what was once hard, I can now do with ease, what once scared me, now inspires me.

Please, don’t wait to make your life and business happen like you want it to, don’t waste any more time and don’t wait till everything is ‘perfect’ or if like me, don’t stay living in a city that’s draining your soul, move, don’t wait to leave that job or to think of yourself and your dreams. Now is the time and these are the days. This is what we’ve got to work with so get to work!

I can show you what I did and you can take it from there. I’m giving it all away at my next event  Gnó le Croí / Business With Heart event, coming up on the 31st August. I want to show you exactly what I have mastered to have a business filled with clients, more than 150k in revenue this year alone and how you can do the same. And you will be able to hear from the amazing business owners I’m working with who are doing it too. For the 3rd Gnó le Croí / Business With Heart event, I have 30 places. 25 are filled with my current clients and their referred friends and guests. So that makes 5 places available as of today.

The link below will give you all the details but if you still have a question, email me at Moira@mng.ie and I will come back to you.

See you here in the coolest place on the planet! I warn you dreams will come true….


Bígí linn. 31st August. 2017 at Gnó le Croí / Business with Heart

Click here to See more stories of my clients lives, I love how these business owners are making it happen!

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