Wendy’s awesome journey-

One of my amazing clients has seen her business skyrocket so quickly in the past year that she can now see herself growing a half a million dollar business – she expects to reach $250,000 this year alone. 

Isn’t that wonderful.

The story becomes more remarkable when you realise that speaker, coach, and productivity strategist Wendy Ellin, about a year ago, was not making the income she wanted. And about fours ago she was ready to give up her business altogether. But she didn’t she did something that any of us can do any one time. 

The other day, speaking to me from her home in Atlanta, Georgia, Wendy talked about her recent journey and her growing speaking career, which have brought her the lifestyle and work that she had long envisioned for herself. 

I wanted to share some of our conversation with you and hope you will find it as interesting and as inspiring as I did.

“It’s really over the last, I would say, two years that I’ve really come into living and working exactly how I envisioned it. And I have no stress about my business,” Wendy told me.

While Wendy said she had never attached a dollar figure to her business – for Wendy, it was not about the money – she said she is now looking at the potential of reaching financial heights she had never considered before.

She does what she does because of the number of lives she can change through her work. “And the byproduct is I make a living out of it. That’s a different energy than being in it for the money.”

Wendy believes there are two kinds of businesses: You’re either growing a business that you ultimately want to sell, or you have a lifestyle business. 

“And I have always said that I have a lifestyle business,” she said. “My business affords me a certain lifestyle.”

But since Wendy and I began working together, she said she has learned the value of focusing on the numbers, and has seen her first 10k months and 20k months from more than one revenue stream. 

“You’ve got to focus on the numbers,” she said. “You’ve got to know what you’re making every month and you’ve got to know what that number is going to consist of.  And now I’m really clear about it.”

There’s the importance of that focus on clarity again. If you’ve been following me on social media or in my videos, my blog, or on my YouTube channel, you will know that I can’t say that often enough.

Now that Wendy has that new focus she said she is seeing, “that there is a chance that I could actually grow a business I could turn around and sell, which is huge”. 

One day she said to her husband, for the first time, that she could grow a quarter of a million dollar business – maybe even a half a million dollar business.

 “Can you imagine?” she asked. Yes, I can. 

Moira & Wendy
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