From Small Workshops To Speaking Worldwide in < 8 months

Since I began working with Australian singer-songwriter Francesca de Valence after meeting her at an event I spoke at in Paris last year, her business has soared.

What I helped Francesca develop was a steady schedule of regional and international speaking gigs that has grown her business in ways she had not imagined. 

I can help you do the same. Next month I’m running a one-day event in Dublin similar to that Paris event that will get you started on the path of an amazing, globetrotting lifestyle. I’ll talk more about that in a bit, but first I wanted to let Francesca talk about what our work together has done for her business and her life.

Francesca inspires singer-songwriters around the world by giving them a path to living their wildest creative dreams, and I spoke with her from Brisbane recently. 

As the founder of the online I Heart Songwriting Club, Francesca already had a bigger vision for her work when we met in Paris, but she did not know how to take that next step. That’s where I came in. 

I know that speaking can help you travel the world, build the business and life of your dreams, work with amazing clients, and make amazing money. Speaking grew my business from a standing start to more than six figures in less than 12 months. And last year closing half a million in sales all from speaking. 

Francesca knew she had to start doing things differently, and had quit her teaching job to come to Paris, in part to figure out how she could turn her passion for music into a full-time job that brought her joy and gave her the life she wanted.

“I had never been full-time in this particular business – not being full-time as a musician, not being full-time in I Heart Songwriting Club. And I met Moira, and this is really inspiring,” Francesca said. “I love travelling, I want to be helping people.” She needed a new direction and knew she need help.

Francesca said our work together has helped her to get in front of bigger audiences and let them know how she can help them achieve more.

She had been running workshops for singer-songwriters, but found that speaking at networking events across Australia and abroad, even events where she spoke for free, has brought her message to clients she had not reached before and has grown her business significantly. She has many exciting global speaking opportunities on the horizon as well.

“Over the last six months, I truly like that my mindset has completely changed by doing the work,” Francesca said. “I feel so much more unlimited, and the things that I used to get emotional and stressed out about just don’t really faze me, or if they do I kind of acknowledge in that moment and sort of say, This challenges me, now I want to work through that.

“That’s a huge breakthrough, because now I can actually then just choose anything I want to do and go and set out to do it and achieve it,” she said. 

And how’s this for a powerful mindset? “Anything is possible,” Francesca said.

“It’s possible for me to have a career where I can pay myself from my business. It’s possible that I can help singer-songwriters all around the world to be having the careers that they want,” she said.

“What is possible is that I could be in any city in the world and speak at conferences because I am an expert around community and songwriting, and creative development and artistic development for songwriters. I can be doing that on stages around the world and transport my business with me, so I can still be helping songwriters and making an income as I go. 

“So anything is possible. It’s possible that I could have a seven-figure business, and I see that being possible now,” Francesca said.

“I’m really overwhelmed with the results that my clients get to when they do the work, and how it makes them feel,” she said. “The ripple effect of me saying yes gets other people saying yes, and gets other people saying yes, and we just have this amazing community of humans that we’re all interacting with that just really go for the things they want to be doing the most. 

“I mean life is so short, right?” Francesca asked.

You can use speaking to travel the globe while you enrol lucrative clients and enjoy a five-star lifestyle. My More Clients Worldwide Event in Dublin next month will show you how. 

What I’ve shared with Francesca – and what I can share with you – is the roadmap I used to go from being a typical struggling entrepreneur to a businesswoman with a half-million euro in annual revenue. This year alone I have already spoken in New York, Philadelphia, and Orlando, and I will soon be speaking again in Paris, Birmingham, and possibly Tokyo in 2020.

If you to grab one of the 30 places at this exclusive event email events@mng.ie and we’ll make sure one has your name on it before they go on sale this week. 

Watch the video testimonial with Francesca here. 

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