If you’re tired of struggling with sales, feeling that nothing works, then its time to discover the path to INSPIRE your way to more clients, contracts and profits, with this powerful once in a lifetime group.

Tired of just not being able to close a sale even though what you do is amazing? Are you tired of throwing ‘stuff’ out there and hoping something sticks? Imagine if you never had to deal with sales anxiety ever again? Or maybe you want to start your own business and you know you will need clients and you have no idea of where to even start? What would it be like if whenever you did a talk or had a conversation with a client you were confident to be able to move them from ‘I love what you do’ to enrolling them as a new client? And what if being able to do that meant that all your income goals were actually not just possible, but doable! And that all that mean that you were actually making the difference that you know you’re meant to make, in your community, in your life, and with your clients?

Well now there is a new powerful way to break though your fears and understand sales once and for all. Not only that but you will have these powerful possibilities every week, every month, for as long as you‘re in business. What kind of a difference would that make for you? How many more contracts might you win? How many more euros/dollars would that put in your business bank account so that you can pay yourself the salary you deserve month after month and what would it mean to know that this is not just a one time thing or a quick fix strategy?

“4 new clients in 90 days!!

In just 90 days I have 4 new clients. The big thing for me was the confidence to stand up in rooms filled with people with a message that had impact. I was so afraid before. Now, I can talk about my business in way that gets people excited because I have the right message for my ideal clients – for me that’s priceless. Moira helped me see that being personal and connecting with people without being salesy was the best way to find clients and it works. And she helped me do all of this without a website and being totally new to business. ”

Marie Clare Byard, Byard Inspired, Dublin

Well now for the first time ever I’m making these powerful profit and business secrets available to you because I want you to realise what is possible for you and your business once and for all. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re starting out or you have been in business for a while. If you are reading this then you know you need help, and that is exactly what you will get and more.

Introducing “Inspire Your Way To Success” a one of a kind group coaching programme that will give you every resource you need to build your business faster than you ever thought possible. These are the same profit secrets that took me from not having a clue how to run a business to 10k months in less than a year and they’re now available for you in this one of a kind coaching group that reveals how to inspire your way to more sales.


In the first month we created a plan that resulted in enrolling 5 new private clients into customised programmes and this continued monthly and I now know how to enrol new clients every single month! I know what action I need to take daily to enrol clients, I have a strategic plan that’s unique to my service and understand its up to me how much business I bring in now.”

Emma Porter, Vivid Performances, Buncrana Donegal

Now, I get it, you’re good at what you do, you know you’re good, you have good results, but whatever you do you can’t move people from loving you to paying you. So whether its your talks, your networking, your copy writing, your facebook ads, you’re exasperated, you’re exhausted or you may be making decent money from your business – but you know you could be flying if you knew how to inspire more people to say yes to working with you. What if there was a way to make these problems all go away?

“I doubled my income & my first speaking gig in the USA

Working with Moira has been the single best business decision I have made! In 3 months, I went from being not sure where business and money was coming from, to developing a system that brings me consistent leads and revenue and it builds month and month. I can see great things for my business in 2017 and that is in no small part due to Moira. Not only has she improved my business, she has also helped me reach my goal of getting a speaking opportunities in America. Something that I know will take my business to the next level. If you want to make more money, have a better business and feel excited about your business again, talk to Moira! It’s costing you not to!!”

— — Emma Boylan, Outside the Box, Donegal

Inspire your way to success – my coaching group is your answer!

If you are accepted to join you’ll discover:

  • The signature talk structure I used to enrol 24 new clients in the last 4 months alone
  • The powerful closing secrets that boosted my conversion rate from 20% to 50% almost overnight
  • Three step opening phrases that create instant connection with the people you meet so that you look forward to networking not dread it
  • How to create massive interest in what you do from the first time you open your mouth to speak

The real focus of this group is to give you powerful pathways that any entrepreneur can use that allow you to inspire your way to more clients and profits AND do so in a supportive environment that you can go to 24/7 for support when you need it most. Not only will you get mentoring from me but you will benefit from all the other members – not just from Ireland, from the UK, and the United states.

If you are accepted you will also receive:

  • A bonus jump start training call on how to make 1k in 1 day
  • An orientation call on how to get the biggest return on investment from coaching
  • A 30 minute ‘Inspire Your Way To More Sales’ private session to kickstart your planning
  • A three day Inspiration Business Retreat in West Donegal
  • Complimentary entry to the next 3 years of live events and retreats throughout Ireland
  • A founding member rate that will NEVER increase as long as you stay enrolled

And if you’re enrol now before our world premiere roll out you will receive something I’ve never offered before. A seriously valuable founding member rate that will NEVER increase as long as you stay continuously enrolled in the group.

Check out some of the amazing trainings waiting for you – these will help you go from struggling and confused to successful and profitable not some day but soon:

  • How to plan for profit with a powerful revenue generating profit plan
  • How to inspire sales and profits without being salesy
  • How to write a powerful signature talk that not only enthrals your audience but enrols clients
  • How to make an offer and get paid.
  • Three simple steps to closing without feeling salesy
  • The mindset for sales that helps you close with confidence and boost your bottom line over and over
  • A powerful simple process for doing complimentary consultations that leads to enrolling high ticket clients over and over
  • Messaging for profit – so that you grab your ideal prospects attention instantly with the first words out of your mouth and position what you do so they say yes instead of “I’ll think about it”

You’ll also get a monthly live Q&A group mentor session – where you’ll get to ask me questions and receive the same focused attention I give my private clients for thousands is now available to you at a rate you won’t believe.

So you may be wondering why I’m so excited about this program and who am I and what gives me the authority to tell you this really works?


Well, just 4 years ago I was living in London working a 9-5 job that I used to love, going to fabulous parties, traveling, shopping, fashion shows, I had a wonderful life, but inside I felt I was dying, I wanted more for my life. I realise now that I wasn’t meant to work for other people I was meant to be an entrepreneur and thats the real reason I finally left the working world and moved into business.

I returned home to Ireland to my home town and with no business experience and with nothing but the passion to serve people and revive my local area I created first a thriving travel business that has hosted over a 1000 visitors and then I literally built a powerful business coaching practise from nothing to over 10k+ a month in less than a year. Discovering the secrets that allowed that to happen have changed my life forever and I want you to be able to experience the same success so I’ve created this powerful group to give you a way to make that happen.


Working with Moira was more than I expected, she honed in to my specific needs where I had previously searched online for solutions but these were vague. She helped me change my concept of approaching customers and selling. Making it about my customers and their needs and not about me needing to sell and provided a practical method for organising my sales. My sales have doubled!!!!!! ­”

Lorraine O’Carroll, www.PeninsulaPottery.com

Now you may have already decided that you want to join but I’m not stopping there, but if you are accepted to join now this is what you will receive:

  • Bonus training calls x 2 – €997 value!
  • VIP masterclass pre-retreat – €1497 – value!
  • Expert mentoring in a group 24/7 – €1497 – value!
  • Monthly Group Mastermind Mentoring Session LIVE €297 – value!
  • A monthly Profit Seat – LIVE have all your problems solved – €497
  • Access to the online training suite with more 14 types of sales training, to learn at your own pace – Priceless!
  • All your questions answered – Priceless
  • Accountability that will lead to profitability – Priceless
  • Powerful training sessions each month LIVE – €997 – value!
  • Private Facebook group for support when you need it – priceless
  • A three day Inspiration Business Retreat in West Donegal – €499 – value!

Total Value of this group programme over 6k! 

If you are accepted as a member and reserve your 6 month membership the investment in your business is. Please ask for my special rate if you are unemployed or a student.

€497 per month

I love this quote:

If you are serious about changing your life, you will find a way, if not, you will find an excuse” Jen Sincere, You are a Bad Ass

This quote for me says it all. Nothing stands in your way if you truly want something – nothing. And that’s the same for business. If you’re afraid, thats good, if you’re really afraid then you know its really really good! The fact is you’ve probably been able to do everything you have ever wanted, so with the right help and guidance, why would being successful in a business you love, that lights up your life, that give you freedom to be, to do, to live, to choose to everything – be any different? The only thing in your way right now is you……

So what would it be like to know that you could lock in all my secrets to business, sales and profit, and have access to all the resources you need to build your business? That’s exactly what you will get and way more!

The truth is nobody is coming to save you but if you’re ready to do the work and finally stop struggling with sales and turn everything around then this programme is what you need.

Prepare to say goodbye to:

  • Being afraid to ask for the sale…no more awkward moments!
  • Lots of proposals but no profit.
  • Not being sure what to do or how to do it.
  • Getting lots of compliments but no one signing up!
  • Confusion and overwhelm on how to enrol and find clients!
  • Thinking you have to create your business according to other people’s standards!


As part of this programme, we will come together with business owners from all over the world, in Donegal for a one of a kind business retreat, where we roll up our sleeves and really get into the heart of your business so you can take your business to the next level. Business building workshops and masterclasses, coupled with exhilarating coastal walks, sunrise mountain climbing in one of the most inspirational places on the planet!


My mindset, my confidence, my bank account, Moira has made a huge difference to my business. She said things to me that made so much sense, finally I get it! Everything is straight forward now but when you’re so in it you can’t see it. I’ve hired Moira for another 6 months.”

Séamus Ferry, SFK, Donegal