Have you ever truly thought about this? Be honest.

I recently hosted a major Live event for forty business owners. When I asked the question ‘Hands up who knows exactly what they need to do on a daily basis to make money in their business”?

Only three people out of those forty put their hands up and they were my clients…

Consider these questions.
  • How many of you got into business not to have time to spend with your family?
  • Did you set out on the understanding that you would not be able to afford to pay yourself?
  • Or are you in business just to give yourself something to do to just pass the time?


You must understand that business is about making money, and if you don’t know how to make money. you will fail. This sounds obvious, yet the truth is that businesses fail all the time because of this fact.

“8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn” Forbes

80% fail – not because they lack passion or because they don’t work hard. But because they fail to make money.

I meet so many entrepreneurs who have started businesses because they have a gift, knowledge or skills they want to share. And this is great. There is so much incredible talent out there.  But inevitably what happens is that these entrepreneurs don’t consider the money piece to their business – they are focused on their product and their process. They just expect to be a natural at making the money because they assume that all they need to do is set up shop and….  When it doesn’t happen, when things get really hard and then begin to fall apart, they become tired and resentful, they start to blame the economy, or being too busy etc etc. They fool themselves that they are happy with being good enough – AKA mediocre.

This waste of time and potential drives me nuts.

And that is what I have set out to provide a fast solution to. I want to Wake the Giants – shouting loud and shaking awake the entrepreneurial might that exists within people.

Yes, you can invest in learning, but the bad news is you are probably investing in more education, in complicated strategies or tricks and tactics that take up all your time (and your money) yet you have nothing of practical value to show for it.

Another startling fact is that 10% of coaches only make 10k in a year.  Guess what? I show businesses how to make 10k a month. And from there, how they can build a 6 figure income – fast. I didn’t get into business to merely survive! I got into business so that I could experience freedom and success by doing something I love to do. I love seeing my clients lives transform then they learn how to make money.

Does this resonate with you?  

If so then I invite you to join me next week in Sligo to hear more, to learn more and to change the way you do business – forever. Even if you are scared. Even if you are tired and think you have tried everything. And ESPECIALLY if you don’t know where to start.

I know that you can go from being small to feeling like a giant in your business – and this workshop will show you how.

So for one day only, here in Ireland, I will sharing my secrets and the strategies I used  to achieve my 6 figure success at Waking the Giants –  Intensive.


This event is taking place Saturday 24th in Sligo’s Clayton hotel from 8.30am – 5pm. All the information you need is available on my website www.moira.ie/events

The change I want to see is an end to the financial struggle for entrepreneurs. And I am achieving this – one client at a time, by coaching them on how to enrol more clients, make more money and have more success.  And this is what I have also done for myself, so I know it’s possible because I’ve ended the financial struggle for my business and my future.

And this is what I want to show you at my one day Waking The Giants – Intensive.

Put it like this, if you’re nowhere near where you want to be in your business and you don’t have a plan, then you need to be in the room, meeting other like minded entrepreneurs who have committed to put their financial struggles behind them – once and for all.

This is going to be everything you need to get onto the right path. How powerful would that be for your life?


Moira . 


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