What happens when you bring together business-people from all walks of life, who are all in different places but who all want the same thing?

Magic! That’s what happens!

The last few weeks have had some of the intense and awe-inspiring experiences for me to date.

I am really looking forward to staying at home this weekend, catching up with things because this month has been so busy. Last weekend I was in the Danish Capital, Copenhagen for an international conference where I was invited to speak. And of course, I arrived there, still buzzing from my Gnó le Croí / Business with Heart Intensive Retreat!

In both cases I did what I love to do. I communicated my message to business owners with total honesty and experience. That message is clear –  I share how they can find the clients they want and they profit they deserve,  by using inspiration instead of ‘salesy’ tactics.

“I enjoyed sharing with and meeting other entrepreneurs. I appreciated being pushed out of my comfort zone and challenging my thinking. I am now highly motivated to start my own business”

— Participant feedback, Gnó le Croí 2017

In the lead-up to Gnó le Croí, I had promised to ‘give it all away’ and that is exactly what I did. 27 inspired business-people left that retreat with an individual road-map to a 6-figure business of their dreams.  More than that, they left with the knowledge that the road map is not a complicated route.

Why is it that we spend years studying and honing our crafts, hours of input, thousands in financial investment and more. We take all that work and we turn it into business. But, instead of then investing in how to make it pay, we dither and do more courses, spending even more hours, hoping that the our ideal clients will magically appear?

I see this pattern so often and it is such a mistake.

Dream big.jpg

“My major breakthrough was to see that I focus obsessively on process and not on what I solve.”

— Participant feedback, Gnó le Croí 2017

Business is about getting crystal clear on what it is that you want. You must envision the end goal and then working backwards from that goal. People. Let me tell you! Working forwards is a losing game. So we started the Gnó le Croí journey with that end vision in mind and we filled in the blanks as we went along.

I welcomed businesses from Dingle, Galway, Belfast, Bangor, Waterford, Westmeath, Wicklow Donegal, Dublin, and Mayo into the room.  These people had travelled from far and wide to get their toughest business questions solved. There were major moments of AHA and inspiration. The room was buzzing with honesty, real raw emotion and a massive sense of opportunity.  It was brilliant.

“You definitely delivered. This was a laser focused course, purpose driven with stunning scenery!”

— Participant feedback, Gnó le Croí 2017

These businesses came to win, they came to learn, they came to get a clear vision.  I know that not only do they have that clear vision and roadmap now, many of them will be making more money than they had ever thought possible.  I can’t wait to go on this journey with them.

Nothing changes until you change. You will never get inspired enough to make your dreams come true by waiting for the right time, the time is now, these are the days.

You see, this whole game is like any other game, to win you need to know how to play!  If you are playing with me, then you are playing to win, and I’m not saying that winning is the most important part, it’s the playing, simple as that. Life is too short to not give it 100%. The trouble with this is many of you are going 100% to your businesses, and its not working, so you’re exhausted and on the verge of giving up. Thats not playing to win. That’s throwing enough stuff our and hoping something sticks.

“I’m not sure what I expected. I hoped for clarity and confidence, I got far, far more than that. This weekend has changed my life, thank you so much””

— Participant feedback, Gnó le Croí 2017

It is my personal mission to help entrepreneurs and business owners to stop struggling and starting inspiring, to stop stopping and keep going. It is my vision to end the financial struggle of as many entrepreneurs as I can. And I’d love to show you how you can do this, so you can have a more profitable, inspired, fulfilling business.

If you want to create a road-map for your business then stay in touch by joining my mailing list, it’s there that I share all the good stuff first and there’s lots more on the way. Including a very exciting new extra I will be offering, only to my subscribers. (Still working on it … but it will answer some of the biggest challenges you have in building your dream business). Join my mailing list here so you get to hear first how you can benefit. 

WTG green coat (1).jpg

I will also be hitting the road soon for a series of public talks as part of my Waking The Giants Tour, where I bring my message of inspiration based sales to every corner of Ireland. I want to empower the small business-owners and entrepreneurs of this Island to rise up and step into their mighty power.

Also, as the demand is so high for because our last Gnó le Croí sold out, I wanted to make sure those of you who didn’t want to be left out, made sure you were there. So, we have opened up an early-bird rate at €197. This will mean your seat is booked, you are in the room. at the next business intensive retreat, which will take place from 01-03 March 2018. This event will book out so make sure to secure your place soon.

Where to find me between now and Christmas… 

Waking the Giants Tour:

Dublin UCD with Finbar Bradley – 17th October

Cavan – Women’s Business Club – 8th November

Laois – Network Ireland – 7th November

Cork – BOI Workbench – 30th November

Kerry – Dingle Art School 1st December

If you know of a group of business owners who would benefit from learning how to inspire their way to more clients, customers and profits – without being salesy. Click here and email me and let me know. Also I’d love if you would join my list for brilliant business resources delivered direct to your inbox, only seriously good stuff.

Slán go fóill.

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