Are you tired of struggling to enroll clients, make more sales, and have success in your business? Are you starting to feel that nothing you do really works?

Now I get it, you’re good at what you do, you know you’re good, you have good results but whatever you do you can’t move people from loving you to paying you. So whether its because you don’t know to how to ask, your message, your networking, your sales, your social media – you’re exhausted. Or you you may be making decent money from your business but you’re ready for things to go faster and to inspire more people to say yes to working with you. 

What would it be like if you knew what to do, each week, each month, in your business to enroll the clients you want, to make the sales you want and of course, to make the money you want? And, what would it be like to know that you were actually able to continue to grow your success and profits, month after month, year after year? If this is you, listen up.

What if there was a way to make these problems all go away? And what if that meant that you were actually able to live the kind of life that’s possible from having your own successful, profitable business.

Introducing “More Clients Club”, a one-of-a-kind group coaching programme that will give you every resource you need to build your business faster than you ever thought possible.

These are the same profit secrets that took me from being 10k in debt to making 10k a month in less than a year, and then ending 2018 having made closed close to half a million in my business. And they’re now available for you in this one-of-a-kind coaching group.

I’m making the same powerful profit and business secrets and strategies I have used to build my business available to you because I want you to realise what is possible for you when you know what you’re doing. It just drives me nuts that so many business owners are failing, not because they’re not good enough or smart enough but because they fail to make money.

I am on a mission to change that.

I want to help end the financial struggle of entrepreneurs by giving them everything they need to be a success. And, it doesn’t matter whether you’re starting out or you have been in business for a while. If you are reading this, then you know you need help, and that is exactly what you will get and more.

“Before working with Moira, I had almost no money coming in with no idea how to find potential clients, let alone how to talk to them. The word ‘sales’ made me squirm. I’m making more bookings, more connections and way more progress than ever before and I’ve been enjoying 5k plus months.”- Eadaoin Curtin, Personal Branding Coach, Dublin

When you join More Clients Club, you will gain exclusive access to:

    • The same sales conversation keys I have used to close 500k in business in the last 12 months alone
    • The same signature talk structure I used to enrol(l) 12 new clients in less than 6 weeks, as well as how to craft an offer in your talk
    • The same opening phrases that create an instant connection with the people you meet so that you look forward to networking not dread it
    • How to create massive interest in what you do from the first time you open your mouth to speak
  • All of my proven lead generation strategies that make sure I am always ahead of the game

The real focus of this group is to give you the same powerful pathways I have used to help you enroll more clients and enjoy more profits. For as long as you are in business!

The truth is, if you don’t learn how to make money, and enroll clients you will always struggle. If you don’t finally get a plan and a system that you can follow, that’s proven to work, you will never make this business work. And, if you could have done it by yourself by now, you would have.

Denise Christie

“For the month of March 2017 I made €1018 – for the same period this year I made €4520. I have totally changed how I do business.

I no longer have to check my bank before I order stock or go to pay a bill. I raised my rates from €45 yo €465 when Moira helped me realise the value I bring.

To date I have 38 babies born and have had 6 pregnancy announcements since Christmas – without IVF – all natural”. Denise Christie, Fertility Coach

Not only will you get coaching from me but you will also have your own private accountability coach. And you’ll also get coaching in crafting your business story and writing your own signature talk. Mine has literally made me 1000’s, and yours will, too. So, if you believe that if you just knew what to do you would do it, and you can see yourself making the money you want. The More Clients Club is for you!

So you may be wondering why I’m so excited and who am I and what gives me the authority to tell you this really works?

Well, just 5 years ago I was living in London working a 9-5 job that I used to love, going to fabulous parties, traveling, shopping, fashion shows; I had a wonderful life, but inside I felt I was dying. I wanted more for my life. I realise now that I wasn’t meant to work for other people, I was meant to be an entrepreneur, and that’s the real reason I finally left the working world and moved into business.

I returned home to Ireland to my home town and with nothing but the passion to serve people and revive my local area, I created first a thriving travel business that has hosted over a 1000 visitors. And then, I literally built a powerful business coaching practise from nothing to over 10k+ a month in less than a year. So, in less than 3 years of coaching, mentoring and speaking I have built a half million in revenue, and now I help others do the same.

Discovering what I actually needed to do make the money I wanted has totally changed my life forever. Passion and dreaming will get you started, but it’s the plan and a system that works that makes you money. I want you to be able to experience the same success, so I’ve created this powerful group to give you a way to make that happen.

`Moira does what she says! Working with her in just 8 weeks – I have enrolled 6 new clients in high level packages, got clear on my message, and now speak at events, so I can help more and more entrepreneurs with their businesses. There are no more doubts in building my business, I now have a plan to build a 6 figure income.`Malika Laurent – London Success Coach and founder of Spinach Retreats (pictures left)

As my private client slots fill, I’m looking to support as many entrepreneurs as I can, to move out this financial struggle, and into having a business they love that pays them in a big way, month after month. And that’s exactly what the More Clients Club delivers.

So what do you receive when you join me in this powerful success group?

Live Weekly Coaching Sessions – to make sure you are clear and working on your step-by-step plan to start enrolling clients, and making way more money. The accountability is priceless. 

Monthly Step-by-Step Trainings – These online training sessions are going to keep you on top of your game with powerful sales and lead generation trainings have been created specifically for the More Clients Club. Everything you need to move towards 6k months and beyond. All live and recorded. With templates, action guides, and sales scripts (€2982 value).

Masterminds with Moira – One-on-one laser coaching with Moira to help you get what you need – fast – and start enrolling more clients – fast – (€2982 value)

Your own private accountability coach  – to keep you on track month by month – (€997 value)

Trainings & Resources – You will have access to a training suite that will literally give you the answer to any business question you have –  (Value – €3,982)

Can you just imagine how much easier enrolling clients would be if you had the step-by-step guidance from someone who has done it and among all my clients who are doing it?

The mistake a lot of business owners make is they take advice from people who aren’t successful or profitable. So they never get momentum, and they never make the money they want and sadly they never really get started at all. That won’t happen in More Clients Club. If you’re willing to do the work, we have everything you need to be successful and profitable – fast. 

`Before working with Moira I was overwhelmed by what to speak about, I was exhausted myself trying to come up with new material all the time and even market myself. Now, I have a very powerful message and that I am an expert at it! I’ve conquered my fear of getting people on the phone, I’m booking speaking engagements. I’ve gone from 2k months to 10k months and I now have a plan in place on what the future will look like.` Melissa Mc Sherry, Coach and speaker Chicago

The only thing in your way right now is you. Because the truth is nobody is coming to save you, but if you’re ready to do the work and finally stop struggling and turn everything around, then More Clients Club is what you need.

But I’m not stopping there! I’ve added a list of incredible bonuses to help support you every step of the way on your success journey!

Just take a look at what I’ve put together to help you start enrolling more clients?


    • The More Clients Speaking Blueprint – how to structure a signature talks that help you enroll more of your ideal clients – Fast. This is the same formula that has allowed to make 6 figures from speaking the last 2 years in a row. (€797 value)
    • Fast Action Strategy Guide with over 12 proven no-cost strategies you can use instantly to start enrolling more clients. (€997 value)
    • Access to over 25 powerful profit trainings – if you’re having any challenges in your business, the chances are there is a training to solve it. (€2392 value)
    • Video Sales Secrets – How to create your own videos that lead to clients and sales instantly. (€997 value)
    • 5 Powerful Pathways to more Clients, Customers and Profits webinar. (€197 value)
    • How to Enroll Clients and Generate leads from Expo’s & Sponsorships – (€497 value)
    • 2 complimentary Tickets to any Live Events (€994 value)
  • Discounts to all of my international Masterminds and events

So, what would it be like to know that you could lock in all my secrets to enrolling more clients, more sales, and more profit, and have access to all the resources you need to build your business? That’s exactly what you will get and way more!

If you join, prepare to say goodbye to:

    • Being afraid to ask for the sale…no more awkward moments!
    • Being in your own way.
    • No real accountability.
    • Lots of work but no profit.
    • Not being sure what to do or how to do it.
    • Getting lots of compliments but no one signing up!
    • Confusion and overwhelm from just not knowing what to do!
  • Thinking you have to create your business according to other people’s standards!

And say hello to:

    • A clear step-by-step plan that is proven to work.
    • A powerful message that perfectly frames what you do.
    • An offer that sells.  
    • A way to enroll clients time and time again.
    • Lead generation so you never run out of potential clients.
  • And finally being able to start building a life that your business can fuel!

So, once again … here is what you get:

Monthly Step-by-Step Trainings – (€2982 value)

Bi-Monthly Masterminds with Moira – (€2982 value)

Your own private accountability coach – value €997

Online Secret community – (value €197)

The More Clients Speaking Blueprint – (€797 value)

Action Strategy Guide – (€997 value)

Access to All trainings – (€2392 value)

Video Sales Secrets – (€997 value)

5 Powerful Pathways to more Clients, Customers, and Profits webinar – (€197 value)

How to Enroll Clients and Generate leads from Expo’s & Sponsorships – (€497 value)

2 complimentary Tickets to our next Live Event  – (€994 value)

Total Value of this group programme almost 13k value

But it’s yours for 6 easy payments of €797

Or you can save €400 when pay in full now. 

 Email us now and say I’m ready lets do this.