This time last year, I had no idea that I would be writing a blog-post on the 31st December 2017, having had the most successful year in business and also the absolute worst year in my personal life. But this is what has happened. I can’t change what has happened in my personal life, the loss of my precious Mum.


But I can stay true to one of the last things she said to me –  “You make your million Moira”.


I’m proud to say, I am now a quarter of the way there. Sadly, I can’t share that excitement with my Mum which is the thing I want to do the most, above everything else. But I can share what I did to make this happen, so that it can help you.  What I have done isn’t magic. You could say it was a bit risky, but as far as I’m concerned,  it’s only a risk if you don’t have faith in yourself to do what you need to do, to get what you want.  For me it started by saying yes to something bigger –  a bigger game that blew my mind and scared the life out of me. It meant being afraid and… doing it anyway.


So here are three things I want to share because I know they can help you.


1) I stopped thinking that making money would just ‘happen’

Instead, I actually searched for ways that I could learn what would bring me amazing financial results and (importantly) amazing results for my clients as well. I think that many entrepreneurs start a business and then think that making money just sort of happens if you keep plugging away or that success comes overnight. It doesn’t. I’m sure it can – but only once in a blue moon.


The stark reality is that you learn how to make money the same way you learned the craft that you’ve made a business from! I made a conscious decision to learn what to do to make the money I wanted, so that then, I could do what I want. I said yes to opportunities when they presented themselves. Even ( And especially) if I was scared.  And once I had earned what to do, I did it over and over again, even when it filled me with fear, even if it was hard and sometimes deeply uncomfortable. I did it over and over and over again. And then, I started making money.


I only use two to three strategies (none of which are social media) and although they are powerful and impactful, they are not complicated. Making money is not complicated, it’s actually easy when you know what to do. We as individuals are what complicates things.


2) I stopped trying to figure it all out myself!

I quickly realised that I needed to know how to grow my business fast. So I started searching and what I found was some of the best coaches in the world. So, next I said yes to investing in and joining multiple high-level business programmes.


I speak to so many business owners who have been trying for years to figure things out for themselves, and all the while they’re broke, and even more confused than when they started.  They mostly hang out with people in the same boat, which holds them back even more.  Unfortunately, many of these people believe that things will somehow change organically. And when opportunities present themselves, they say no instead of yes, because they believe their business will grow of its own accord. I don’t believe that, I believe that when we say YES to opportunities – we grow, and if we grow, our business grows!  Why do we think that making money should come naturally? Or organically? It’s crazy. Any business should be investing at least 10% of their gross income in learning and developing. How else can you grow?

I invested 10% of my earnings in 2017 and that is why my year is ending having made 250k in my business. I want more entrepreneurs to be able to do this, and at my major 2018 live event, I’ll be diving into how I did this in a big way. And for less than you’re probably paying every month for your internet, cable and electric bill, you can get the same secrets I had to pay 20K to discover. (more on that soon)


3) I invested in my personal development – as much as my business development

Basically business development is personal development on steroids. I’ve learned so much about myself in the last couple of years – more than in my whole life. What was holding me back, the limiting beliefs I had, things from my childhood that were holding me hostage, all sorts.


It’s not easy dealing with your *shit* or even admitting you have stuff you need to deal with, but it really is a lot better than carrying it around and letting it rule your life.  Now, it’s like, the more my business grows, the more I grow and I’m not stopping. I want to keep moving, keep learning, keep helping people. The best is yet to come.  I want to show as many business owners and entrepreneurs how to make the money they want so they can live the life they want. It’s not only possible, it’s more than doable. Because from speaking to hundreds of entrepreneurs all over Ireland, US and the UK – I know, there is an amazing message inside you. I know there are powerful, profitable products and programs, that can create a wave of clients, sales and massive revenue. And there is an amazing freedom that awaits you,  As Jen Sincero says “if you’re serious about change, you will find a way, if not, you will find an excuse”.


If you don’t learn this year how to make the money you want to make, how to take your business to the next level, then nothing will change. You might as well accept that life will go on and the years will fly by, and you will still be trying to figure it all out, afraid to invest in yourself and thinking that someday it will all work out…


You can make that ‘someday’ a firm reality on the 1st ,2nd & 3rd March by joining me and 60 other inspired business owners from all over Ireland, the UK and the USA for:

> Waking the Giants – The Live Event

Taking place in the stunning Farnham Estate, Co. Cavan. This 3 day event, will help you WAKE UP and unleash your brilliance and start making the money and the difference you want. So you can enjoy traveling to any business event you want and not worry about the costs.


So that this time next year, you’ll be writing a blog like this, saying how you said yes to an opportunity, like I once did, and how it changed your business and your life forever. How cool would that be?  Just think and be honest –  how likely is it that this time next year, you will be in exactly the same position you are now if you don’t finally use your talents and your abilities to have the life you want – Now.  Because we know that no matter what, life will continue and she will throw things at you, and take things from you, with no prior warning, that we know for sure. The fact that we face unknown change is all we actually know for sure. That’s why it’s so important to make now the best time for everything and anything you want so that you can buy your dream car soon, not some day.

I hope you can hear this message and feel the importance of what is before you.  And I hope I see you in our glorious venue in just a few short months. For a limited time only there is an early-bird offer for my live event – so book now to get the best deal! 


Your retreat – Gnó le Croí / Business with Heart – Had a such a massive impact on my life and business. I went from playing small in three figure deals, to dreaming so big I’ve blown my own mind with 4 figure deals. I’ve had the most amazing experiences of my life since the event, and I never would have had these opportunities if not for your inspiration to dream BIG. Thank you so much.”

Findabhair Ní Fhaolain, Finns Fit Food


I tripled my revenue within the last 6 months – In less than 6 months I have fewer clients paying me more, so I can spend more time with them. I’m now clear on my message which gives me confidence in telling others about what I do. This business is no longer a dream but a reality because I’ve tripled my revenue. I now know that I can earn a living and start paying myself and I know how to track results so I know what works for me and what doesn’t.”

Audrey Dalton, Pawtrait Ireland – Co. Wicklow


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