Yet again, I am just back from another amazing trip, this time it was Paris, my favourite city, and this time it was with my highest level clients. This image below here was taken after two days deep diving into business strategy in the Hilton Opera Paris.

My clients came from Chicago, Brighton, Atlanta, Mozambique, Ireland, and of course, Paris! It was such a joy for me to host this event for them. I am deeply grateful. There were laughs, tears, hugs, aha’s, and moments of “holy shit” I can really build a multiple 6 figure business and not have to work so hard!

Each and every one of them left with a plan and a strategy to get what they want from their businesses and their lives. And new friends, and joint ventures partners! I am truly honoured to have these women as my clients. They are “f*****g” awesome and fairly fearless, too.

This mastermind was an idea I had back in March of this year, and within 72 hours of deciding this was really happening I have 5 of my clients signed up, and I was working on our first retreat, which was in New York in July. This was in Paris. And the next one is in Dublin. I”m a big believer in “just asking”, and I’d say I have asked my way all the way where I am today. I asked myself what I wanted, and what I wanted was more travel, and I wanted my clients to experience that as well, with me.

Knowing what you want is key, and we talked a lot about that. This is the most important part of having a business, and it’s for many the hardest part. What kind of life we want from our businesses, how can our business support the life we want, and then what’s the plan to make that all happen.

Your business should be a direct reflection of you, what you want and who you are. Your life will be a direct reflection of what your business is doing for you. So, if you’re broke, and not paying yourself… You’re simply not getting the business to do for you what you need. So you need to look at that closely. It’s so important to know what’s unique about you and what you offer so that can be sprinkled all over your business.

If your business is about doing things you don’t like, and you’re not good at, well how are going to jump out of bed and into action every day if you don’t like it? Its impossible and its normal for many business owners.

My business gives me so much opportunity to do the things I love and one of those is traveling to cities I love and experiencing unique things. So, as a special treat to my clients – and to me – I organised  a private perfume making workshop with one of Paris’s most renowned fragrance making experts to create our very own unique scents. And it was a brilliant experience.

I absolutely, completely, and utterly love mine. I have practically ditched my Chanel lol and just want to wear my own scent. In fact, I can’t believe how much I love it. My clients feel the same about theirs, and what they represent to them, so when we branded them they all had a very special meaning to us all. I love that!

Along with perfume, we created new programmes. messages, plans, ideal client groups, and lots of powerful pathways to the money we want to make so we can live the kind of life we want and be in a solid position to give back in ways that will have a massive impact on the world.

Embracing what we want and then using the power of sales in your business to get the money for what you want is what will lead you to being able to make an impact in your life and the world! It’s not embracing all the complicated strategies and tactics and trying to reach the masses before you reach one. Its a mistake I see so many business owners and entrepreneurs make, and it pisses me off as much as it saddens me.

If you want… I’m going to share with you in my December blog what my final figures are for 2018. And the direct result of really embracing sales in my business to get what I want. My goal for 2018 was 500k.

What was your revenue goal for 2018 – did you make it? Almost? Halfway? I’d love to know. What is it for 2019?… tell me, email me Moira@mng.ie. I will be able to tell you in less than 5 minutes whether those goals are realistic and where you are probably missing about 25k in sales that could be in your bank account.

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