It’s true; one of my clients who came to my event 6 months ago, committed to her business,  and believed in the plan we created and went for it.

She did the work, and when it got tough, she kept going. I’ve recorded a video below for you to see. 

But what I was most excited about was that in one speaking gig she closed almost 6 figures in future business. How cool is that? How many of you would like that? Right?

You see, Patrice is willing to do what it takes to get what she wants, for her family, for her life for her business.

She has a big vision, and she’s fired up about it. Even more so, now.


And, in my experience – most business owners just aren’t willing to do what it takes. They think they are, but when it comes down to the work – they just don’t do it.

Some might think it’s a been a walk in the park building my business from 10K in debt to over quarter of a million (this year to date). And you’d be wrong. It’s been tough.

Most business owners are looking way beyond themselves and what they have and are already good at, to find what they need to move forward. They think they have all this inner work to do, and they can save the world without saving themselves first.

We want to have an impact and lead the life you dream of, but you can’t do that without the resources to make it happen. And that means learning to master what works for you and your business.

Because I’ve learned to master what works for my business – my life now looks exactly the way I want it. I’m spending my time running events with my clients between New York, Paris, I’m speaking in Sweden, London, possibly off to Ohio soon, and then back in Dublin for one of my events (15th October in Dublin – you want to be there? Email me at: moira@mng.ie. Say “send me details”).

I have freedom. Real freedom. And I can pay myself better than any job could!

And, my client Patrice is on her way to doing that, too, because she is learning to master what it takes for her to build her business – even filled with fear of speaking, she’s really going for it in her business and becoming more and more successful every day.

Are you really willing to do what it takes?

If you don’t do something now, it will be another year where you didn’t reach your goals or make any money, and you are literally setting yourself up for even more of not enough in 2019.

The choice is yours. The choice is always yours.


Psssst… Remember, I have an event coming up. In Dublin. You want in? Email me at: moira@mng.ie and say “keep me a seat”!

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