I was at the Pendulum Summit earlier this month in Dublin; what an amazing way to start the year. It was my first time, and it won’t be my last. I want to be on that stage. There was about 4000 people there, many of which were entrepreneurs. It was spread across three floors of the awesome Dublin convention centre.

Cathal & Catherine from Sullivan Golf Travel Limerick! Sat together for two days. If you’re looking for golf ideas, contact these guys.

Talk about energy, the place was absolutely buzzing, such a great vibe! I met people from all over the world, but mostly from Ireland! It’s so cool that we have an event like this.

Eric Wahl was awesome, he created this painting during his talk and then gave it away!

Anyway. Two days of speakers from people like Eric Wahl (above), Karen Brady to Nick Vujicic, to Ruby Wax, and John Cleese to name just a few. And for me there was an overriding message from all the amazing speakers – who were all successful in their own right – and it was this:

Success is not complicated, if you’re willing to fail…

It got me thinking about my own journey to where I am today compared to three years ago, and how I got here. Three years ago I was in debt, I had a business that kept me busy, but I wasn’t making any money worth talking about, and I wasn’t paying myself anything.

Today, it’s a different story. I closed half a million in sales last year. I pay myself 8k a month after tax, and I’m an international speaker with speaking gigs lined up in North Carolina, Florida, New York, London and even Canada in the next 12 months.

Not bad for a girl from a small corner of Donegal, right?

My business is fueling the kind of life I want to live. One filled with adventure, travel, fun, and making a difference as well as working with amazing entrepreneurs from all over the world. And attending world-class events as often as I can.

I share this not to brag but to point out why I’m able to do this and to do this as fast as I have. It’s because I’m always aware that everything I try – might not work, and I might fail and I’m really ok with that. I’m ok with failing because I’m willing to learn to do it better next time round. And from doing this – I’ve had incredible results, and my clients have also had incredible results, even though I’ve failed A LOT.

You see, the real lessons and learning are in the failing; it’s in the struggle, not the success. And failing, doesn’t make you a failure it makes you way stronger and confident.

This band The Riptide Movement – printed 10,000 CD’s and then played on Grafton street every day till they were sold. They’re playing “Sult Feile” in Gaoth Dobhair this July.

The real big money is made in the failure. Sound crazy? It’s not! Because failure is where you discover what really works. And when you discover what really works, you can apply it over and over again!

The winning moments are short lived. But the moments where you know you’re failing, those moments have a long lasting impact. They shape who you are as an entrepreneur and who you will become. They help you get it right, do it bigger, do it better and have a bigger impact and be bold enough to expect more.

These two blow me away. Sinead Kane has only 5% sight and has run 7 marathons in 7 days in 7 continents and that’s just one accomplishment with her brilliant running guide John.

Without failing you simply can’t be successful.

The problem is most business owners are so afraid of failing, they never really get going, they never really try, and they never really make the money they want or the impact they want. And they never really get to experience what a business can do to really fuel their life.

They spend their time doing the same things that have not worked before, but are comfortable doing, hoping it will bring clients and customers. Instead of actually learning to sell what they have to offer in a way that works for them and their clients.

They create programmes and content and work out the latest tactics and tricks, and algorithms, often for an audience that doesn’t exist and dream of time and financial freedom. Instead of using the skills and talents they already have to get the clients and customers they need.

If I could give you one piece of advice to make this year your best year yet, it would be this: Stop making this game of business harder and more complicated than it needs to be and be willing to fail forward and fail fast.

Because it’s true: The more you fail … the more money you make. As long as you learn from your failures and do things differently the next time out.

Start doing the things you’ve been avoiding. Get uncomfortable and do stuff like picking up the phone and really connecting with people, stop sending messages and emails and start speaking to rooms of people. Get comfortable with asking people to buy from you and starting the kind of conversations at networking events that leads to clients.

If you do this, you will not recognise you or your business a year from now. You will be way more confident, you will have way more clients, and you will have way more money. And the best part – the people you work with will be getting the results that only you can deliver.

My revenue goal for 2019 is 1 million in sales, and I want to be on that Pendulum stage someday soon. And guess what, I’m willing to fail my there.

What’s your goal for 2019? I’d love to know in the comments. Or you can of course email me Moira@mng.ie

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