The ONE sentence that will keep you going when things get tough (really tough)

You might think it’s a been a walk in the park building my business from 10K in debt to over quarter of a million (this year to date). And you’d been wrong.

Because life threw a lot at me along the way. If you know me, you will know what I mean.

But there’s one state statement, mantra, advice, whatever you want to call, that has kept going when things have gotten really tough.

“Entrepreneurship is living how few people will so you can live how few people can’t.”

I feel every word of this. It’s not just a pretty quote.

The problem I see is, most business owners aren’t really willing to do what it takes to get what they want. They think they are, but they always stop and find excuses not to keep going. And blame the people around them, the lack of time, family commitments, but really – they’re just not willing to do what it takes.

And they wait, hoping things will magically turn around. Waiting never works. But this one thing does.

I have just returned from spending one month in New York where I was speaking at a major international women’s business conference before over 200 female business owners. This was a dream gig for me, one I thought would happen next year, but came along much sooner!

An even bigger dream was running my own International Mastermind in Manhattan, which I also did with some of  my highest level clients who know this is “their time”. (You can see us here enjoying the New York skyline after a day diving into big business ideas!)

I met so many amazing and thrilling entrepreneurs while I was in Manhattan, wanting to have a big impact in the world with their gifts. But if there was one thing I got from all the conversations I had, is most business owners just don’t know what to do to make money and really grow their businesses.

And they’re looking way beyond themselves and what they have and are already good at to find what they need to move forward.

I want you to really hear this – you are brilliant right now, you are talented right now, and the only reason you don’t have the money and the clients you want right now is your ability to turn prospects into clients.

You see most business owners hate sales – but that means you’re stuck doing something you hate in order to survive in your business.

And we don’t get into business to just to survive.

We want to have an impact, and lead the life we dream of, but we can’t do that without the resources to make it happen.

Global Women

You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to grow your business, and if that means learning to sell in a way that feels good, that feels right, and inspires the people you work with – you can do that!

This is what I do, and it’s what I teach my clients to do, and I have the most amazing clients, who are really learning to crush it in their sales and feel good about it! (they’ve nominated me for an Empowering Women award with Women Mean Business which I’m so grateful for)

Once you have a plan that will work, then its about deciding if you’re willing to do that it takes.

Most of you are deciding not to do what it takes without having a plan. Its crazy.

Making money is not as hard we make it. We like to think its hard because then it’s easier to handle failure.

Because I’ve learned to master what works – my life now looks exactly the way I want it. I’m spending my time between my favourite cities, New York Paris, and soon London again. I can walk into any shop and buy what I want.

And I have freedom. Real freedom. And I can pay myself 8k per month!

I want you to have a chance at having the same. So, here’s what I am willing to do.

If you’ve read this, and you’re thinking it’s finally time to get real about making money in my business so that I can have the kind of life I want – email Moira@mng.ie “Let’s talk”.

If you’re one of the first 5 to respond, I will gift you with one of my complimentary “Inspire Your Way to More Sales Sessions”.

I want to show you there is a path and plan for you to earn the money you want, live the life you want, and make the impact you want!

While my path wasn’t easy, the reason I have the life I now have is that I was willing to let someone show me the way, and take specific action over and over to make it happen.

I know this is possible for you. And I’d love to show you how, when you reply with “Let’s talk” now!

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