The simplest keys to success, true story …

Do you want to know the simplest keys to success? You decide what you want, you commit to that decision and you go for it! Really, IT IS that simple! Remember though, I said simple not easy.

I’m sharing this with you because a couple of days ago I got an email from one of my former fave clients (and now friend) to say she is launching her book!

I instantly got excited. Not just for the book which is cool, but the excitement for me was that there’s nothing quite like a woman going all the way to the top of her game. And that’s exactly what my friend Wendy Ellin is doing!

When we met at a speaking program in Phoenix Arizona about 2 years ago, she wasn’t really feeling her business, it wasn’t doing as well as she knew it could and although she was an awesome speaker, she wasn’t speaking enough nor was she making the money she wanted.

We went to lunch together, and I still clearly remember our conversation. She was deeply interested in my lifestyle and how I was growing my business. Sitting across the table, she looked at me in her sassy and don’t mess with me kinda way, and said “so tell me Moira, what would it be like to work with you”? …

For The simplest keys to success, true story …

I could sense this woman was making some big decisions about her future success and her commitment to the life she wanted. She wanted to travel more, make a bigger impact on the world and people around her. Above all, she wanted to have more fun and stop playing small!

Wendy and I worked together for a year and what I loved about working with her was her attitude to success, this was going to happen, no question about it…. this was inevitable. She had made the decision internally that nothing was going to stand in her way.

And guess what? Nothing got in her way and even if it did, she would have taken the lesson onboard, elegantly stepped over it and kept going in pursuit of her dreams. I have been watching her SOAR ever since!

By the end of our work together she was on fire, making 50k plus a month, traveling and speaking all over the world. Since then Wendy has not stopped. She is making even bigger dreams come true at record speed and she’s all about helping others to do the same. All the while having a huge amount of fun in the process!

That’s the simplest key to success right there.

We decide what we want, and that we’re going to have it. We commit to that decision and we stay laser focused on our dreams. 

And at the time of writing this blog Wendy made it to the Amazon Best Sellers List with her book titled “Working From Home – How’s that working out for you”, and you get it for 99c here.  

Do you want to be more like Wendy?

Do you want to get clearer on what success is to you? 

And then have a laser focused plan to get you there fast?

Its more than possible. And support is key to this. 

Reach out to me Moira@Moira.ie if you want to book a breakthrough session with me 

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