Waking The Giants – Inspire Your Way to more Sales, Success and Freedom
with acclaimed 6 Figure Business Mentor Moira Ní Ghallachóir

Just 5 years ago, Donegal woman Moira Ní Gallachóir left her professional life in London to return home to rural Ireland in the middle of a dire recession. Today, she is a hugely successful six-figure business mentor, author and speaker working with clients all over world from her home office in West Donegal.

From her own lived experience and expertise, she has created this talk to show you how you too can step into your power and achieve your biggest dreams in business.  Moira’s message is clear- when you awaken the giant of your personal entrepreneurial power, three life-changing shifts will occur and you will: 

1: Finally stop running your business as a hobby and start making real money that makes a difference in your life;

2: Truly accept that you can create the financial freedom to live your dreams and help others to live theirs;

3: Strategically grow serious profit acceleration into your business that builds a rock-solid future.

Having spoken at over 100 events in Ireland, the USA and the UK, the opportunity to hear Moira’s message is unmissable. 

Don’t miss this chance to change the course of your business forever!

To grab your seat at the next Waking the Giants event – email hello@mng.ie