Walking On Fire

Why don’t more people dream big?

Four years ago, when I was just starting my business, my vision of success was to speak on stages all over the world and to awaken people to what’s possible, to inspire them to live the lives and have the businesses they want. Because I have always been so crystal clear about that, that is what’s happening. That is my life and my work now.

Of course, the hard work I put into building my business, client by client, made that possible. But it all started with that vision. I was not afraid to dream big and to put in the work to achieve those dreams.

I think sometimes people don’t succeed because their standard of success is paying the bills, or getting a new car, or going on holiday. I think the reason they don’t succeed beyond that point is because they don’t have a vision beyond that.

What is your vision?

I thought of that earlier this month when I was at London’s ExCel for the Tony Robbins seminar, Unleash the Power Within. You all know Tony Robbins – he has brought his message of personal power to millions of people around the world, and his clients include top celebrities, business people, and athletes. When I was starting out in this work, a friend gave me a Tony Robbins box set, and he became one of the personal development coaches who helped me find my way.

So this year, when one of my clients mentioned the seminar in London I knew I had to go.

It was a mind-blowing experience, and I related to so much of what he said.

Tony Robbins – Unleash The Power Within – ExCel, London

When Tony told us that you must be driven by emotion to succeed beyond your dreams, I recalled my own vision.

Could I have built a business that makes 40k a month in three years, if I had looked at my work as just a way to pay the bills? I don’t think so.

When Tony spoke about the ultimate importance of resourcefulness, I remembered when I moved home to Donegal to start my business. I thought, “What do we have and what can we do with it?”

All I had was a phone and the internet, but with determination, a laser-focus, and hard work, that was enough.

There were about 12,000 of us there at the ExCel, most of us entrepreneurs. The seminar ran for 50 hours across four days, with marathon days going from 7.30 am until 11.30 pm. And it’s true – even in a space that size Tony Robbins can make you feel as though he is talking to you.

One of his trainers, a friend of a client of mine, is a Belfast man who has worked with Tony for 26 years. He introduced me to the speakers and checked in every so often. He’d ask, “Are you getting what he’s saying?” I was. I felt so well taken care of, even in such a large audience.

That wasn’t all. The thousands of euro ticket included a firewalk. This may surprise you, but my first reaction was oh, no. I’m not walking on fire.

But I did. I committed to doing it, and I did it. And you know what? It was fine.

Tony had us prepared to put yourself so completely in the moment and about fixating on where you’re going, and how you’re going to do it.

It’s not about doing it quickly. It’s about doing it strongly, clearly, and firmly.

We all brought our own experiences. Facing those coals, I was thinking about when I was a child in the Ranafast Marching Band in Donegal. We were the All-Ireland champions – if there was one thing I could do, it was to hold myself with erect posture and walk!

The lesson that firewalking experience reinforced for me was the importance of being crystal clear in my decisions and my actions. When you make a decision and you’re committed, you do it. If you’re not committed, as the author and coach Jim Rohn says, you’ll find an excuse not to do it.

You’ll find your excuse in the story you tell yourself every day about why you can’t. You can’t because you don’t have this, or you don’t have that. You can’t because you don’t have the money, or you don’t have the skills. Believe me, I have heard all these stories.

Don’t tell me what you don’t have. Let’s talk about what you have.

Remember: resourcefulness, emotion, vision.

Now I’m getting ready to head back to the States for a three-day event in Orlando, Florida, followed by six weeks in New York peppered with client meetings and speaking engagements. I’ll have time to enjoy the city, too.

I was in Orlando for the same seminar in 2015, my first international networking event. Back then I was a participant, sitting in the first row. In May, I’ll be on the main stage speaking to 500 people about how to grow your business fast – even if you hate sales.

If I can grow my business to half a million in sales, while I live beside a mountain in wild and beautiful Donegal, you can fulfill your vision from wherever you are.

Dream bigger. I’ve been there, and I can help you get where you want to go.

I’d love to hear what your vision is.

Tell me by email at Moira@mng.ie and we can take it from there.

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