Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.


I love this message because it SO speaks to my story. I’ve worked seriously hard in the past couple of years and this quote kept me going when I wanted to quit. Now, I am able to choose to have experiences in my life because of that hard work. The work has not slowed down, let me tell you! But the freedom of choice is increasing all the time.

I’m back in Ireland for a few weeks having just returned from spending April living in Montemarte, Paris. One of the reasons for my return was that I had to attend an awards ceremony in Croke Park where I received a Business All Star in Business Coaching! (more on that later…)

But first, Paris in the Spring… Wow. This city is a special, beautiful place with incredible people.  I loved it. I worked (a lot), networked, presented at the incredible Global Woman’s Club, met amazing people, explored, enjoyed great food (lots of fromage!) and did some much needed soul searching.

Why Paris?

Paris by night
In March my team and I hosted Waking The Giants – The Live Event. This was an incredible experience watching people brave the crazy snow storms to join me in Farnham Estate to transform their businesses and their lives. It was also a big event to deliver on many practical levels and I had been working non-stop in the run up to it. So one reason I left was because I felt that I needed to retreat and reflect.
 But, for those of you who know my story, you will know that it was while sitting in a Parisian cafe, five years ago that I heard the call to return home to follow my heart. I knew then that I was at a major crossroads in my life and that decision – it changed everything.
This time I needed to take time out to to make some new decisions about my business. I had reached another milestone you see.
I have been working so hard to achieve my dreams and, without really acknowledging it, I had  arrived at where I dreamed of in many ways.
Making €30,000 a month was a business income goal and I have passed that out.
But guess what? My dreams are not the same anymore. I am not the same anymore! My life is not the same anymore. Business and the experience of being an entrepreneur and a coach and travelling internationally and helping people has changed me in so many ways. I always say this to my clients, its by doing what you need to do that makes you become the person you need to be to reach your goals.
My dreams are getting bigger and so it was time to look at the Why. My business has grown to change my world and the world of people around me. This business has roots, it has people working in it – it has become more than just me.
And now, its like, what else can it do? It’s not getting smaller – its getting bigger. I went to Paris to think about this, to take it all in and prepare for the next stage. Because if I have gone from being 10k in debt to making 40k per month in the last 5 years – what can I achieve in the next 5 years?

Its a bigger Why and its a bigger mission. It’s not about making a new decision, it’s about making a bigger decision. And it’s not ‘What if I don’t, It’s what if I do?’ Because I know I can achieve my wildest dreams, it’s just that now, the goalpost has moved.

It is always moving and that is the realisation that – I want to help end the cycle of financial survival for women entrepreneurs. I’m sick of it. Its unnecessary and its an epidemic. It pisses me off how most entrepreneurs fail, because they fail to make money. I’m changing that.
And while this is exciting, it’s also scary. And full of responsibility. And as always, always tinged with sadness because my Mum is not here, with me, to see it happen.
In Paris I I felt completely independent, I felt like anything is possible. Anything I want and the more clear I can be on what I want – then the more I can create. This didn’t ‘just happen’ to me, and it is not luck.  I have worked hard, the journey has not been pretty, not glamorous, with worries, and late nights and constantly challenging and never giving up. I have persevered and pushed and believed to this point i find myself in today.
It all comes back to making a decision. I made a decision 5 years ago in Paris. I decided my business was going to be successful. What decision can you make that will radically change things – what can you start what can you stop what can you give up?
That is one of the reasons why getting the All Star Award was so important to me. It forced me to really look at what I have achieved and it made me stop and take inventory. And articulating what I’ve done even scares me – how the hell did I do that?
I have deep gratitude for that process that the Business All Stars put me through on so many levels. It has made me acknowledge myself and what I have done and how far I have come.
All Stars
And it underlines this core point – until you make a decision, you are in decision.
This is overwhelm and this is what makes you want to give up because you are not making any decisions.
Next up I’m going to Orlando, I attended this event in 2015 and in 2016 I was invited on the success panel! I have been invited again this year, so that I can share my story of super-fast growth and mission to help more entrepreneurs do the same.
Exciting times ahead!
Moira x
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