You CAN mix business with pleasure (big a-ha)

You hear the word organic thrown around a lot lately. I’d like to clear up something right now: Vegetables can be grown organically. Businesses cannot.

I started writing this from my AIRBNB apartment in Manhattan, during a weeks-long speaking and meeting tour in the United States that has also brought me to Orlando, Florida, and to Philadelphia.

I’m speaking to groups of female entrepreneurs and meeting with new and longtime clients. I’m also able to put aside time to enjoy these fabulous cities and the new friends and colleagues I’ve made here.

I can tell you that my business did not grow organically.

I have gotten to this point through consistent work and being super specific about the vision I want for my life, first, and then the business that will fuel that lifestyle for me: I knew where I wanted to go before I got here. I never waited for customers to come to me. I went to find them. I never waited to be invited to speak, I searched and asked for the opportunities, even if that meant travelling to events abroad to make the connections I wanted.

And always mixing pleasure with business. Who said we shouldn’t do that? Same person who says business grows organically probably…

That’s what I was thinking about as I looked out the window across this great city today.

You just can’t leave things to chance. There is an old Donegal expression, “It will be okay on the day.” That is only true when you have put the work in beforehand, when you know specifically what you want to achieve on that day and have done all you can to make it happen.

So … would you like to see how you can make this happen in your life?

And discover simple steps on how changing the focus of the life you want to live can change your business forever? Then join me for this one of a kind free training:

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Sounds cool right? It’s totally cool and doable and I can’t wait to share with you how easy it can be when you know some simple steps that you can do now.

If you want to be invited to this online training event, it takes place on the 4th June 3pm Eastern / 8pm Ireland, email events@mng.ie and say “send me the details please” and we’ll make sure you get an invitation to join live.

With my fellow speakers from “
www.witnesstheproof.com” Philadelphia, what an incredible experience.
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